srijeda, 3. ožujka 2010.

A day in life of few Pula bands...

Friday the 26. was the day, Podrum was the place and boy it all went straight to hell that evening. I mean we did a lot of shows for a really nice amount of bands but Hijos Del Pueblo and Frekvencija had the fun floating. It was fishy day that friday and for our Pula comrades we decided to cook some nice vegetable with beans. Considering Rijeka now you can get three different dishes : beans, rice or pasta with vegetables. You can say that we are becoming professionals in DIY vegan punk kitchen.

Afternoon went good. Cooking was fun, we had few drinks then some fat bastards were rolled and you know the usual drill. Around 19 guys from Pula came, we get all the gear from the van and forced them to make everything ready for the sound check. :) People started to come. There was also like 7 bottles of Ukraine schnapps and vodka, so you can imagine amount of craziness in the living room beside the upcoming concert (Cheers to two beautiful persons for this). I also spotted some new faces which is totally cool since we lost some of our crowd from the beginnings of PODRUM. I was working on bar, Crustafari and Manager were at the entrance and show started with Frekvencija. They play really powerful yet melodic hardcore punk which is i think under influence of this pula punk sound. How can i describe that to a person who didn't listen to it? Well we kinda grew up on Fak Of Bolan, some on Kud Idijoti, AntiOtpad etc. Find these bands and you get the picture and mix that with a little bit of California melody, some socially aware lyrics and Frekvencija will rip you up with hits such as ˝ Čuvari reda i zakona ˝ :)

Hijos Del Pueblo played next. It is like a project between members from other bands (Nulla Osta, Homo Homini Lupus... ) . They play really powerfull hardcore influenced crust grind. Strong political themes are inside the songs, and for me currently they are one of the better punk bands in Croatia. For about 20 minutes we witnessed madness in the crowd, some diving in public, really funny and positive atmosphere with friendly pogo. Generally if every concert was like this, man it would be a blast.

I was returning to the bar at some point, and on the floor there was a lot of people still wanting to have party, so we took sound system from the basement and Dj Bru je Tru decided to put some good quality junk music which everyone likes so much. That was also crazy. I could later see myself raping on Killing in the name of, others were standing on the tables when folk songs come to play list, everybody with positive drinking attitude. So so nice...

And around 3 or 4 we shuted all down, did some beers and collapsed on the floor. Apparently i was kicking the Manager in the head so he couldn't sleep. Crustafari was into snoring, small Dubi was on the cardboard. Nice big happy family.

Boys and girls until next adventure, remember PODRUM is the law :)

Now i will continue with my daily depression...

Hijos del Pueblo @ podrum

Frekvencija @ p.o.d.r.u.m. 26.1.2010.

p.s. from now one every band will be filmed as a small document. Hope that's okay with all upcoming bands.

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