Thursday, September 23, 2010

Rotten Brats @ PODRUM, 29.9.

If every concert was fun and good as last two we would probably be the most happy ones on this small fucked up place called earth. In the beginning i will write just few thoughts on the last show. Day started as usual, cooking, drinking, smoking...passing out gently (hehe you wish). Shoyu Squad was first that evening and it was much fun. They fit somewhere in between Bombenalarm and Burial. A little trouble with a bass amplifier but all in all a intense gig. Boredom was next. Last time i saw them, they rocked out but now they have turned into a real powerhouse. Rocking neocrust feed on His Hero Is Gone and Monster. Three manic vocals. Amazing. Did i mention : crowd went berserk. :) Alpinist were the last. I mean, for me they sounded ok, but all i all nothing special. Way overpriced if you ask me.

Now something completely different. On 29.9. we have new guests hailing from Czech Rep. called Rotten Brats. They play fierce hardcore trash mayhem and gonna rip out your shreds easily.

Entrance : 20 kn
Start: 22 h

Još malo češke bestijalnosti, samo tjedan dana nakon najopakijeg provoda usred tjedna. Ovoga puta krlju prže izrazito talentirani Rotten Brats iz Češke, zemlje općeprihvačenih prebrzih bendova.

Rotten Brats :
Upad: 20 Kn
Start : 22 h

Infoshop Škatula
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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Boredom, Alpinist, Shoyu Squad @ PODRUM, 21.9.

Last week Pavilionul32, really had it going. Non stop fastcore violence just as they can play it. It was so good, for me one of the best gigs so far. Nice friendly atmosphere with good political approach to hardcore blasphemy. What can i say more, we already miss you guys so much. There is no video from this show, which is lame if you ask me but life goes on.

On 21.9. We will host three nice and promising acts. Let's start as usual:

Boredom : is from Austria. They have destroyed previously with Plague Mass, two summers ago. Still i remember like it was yesterday. Good quality neocrust with some kind of rocking vibe.

Shoyu Squad
: German hardcore punk, with kinda Bombenalarm feeling, at least for me. Shares some members with Ruins.

Alpinist: Also from Germany. Also a band everyone talks about right now. We will see if they are that good :) Expect a healthy dose of down-tempo influenced neocrust.

Entrance : 25 kn
Start: 21 h
Food : will be served

U tmurnoj noci, toga gadnog utorka PODRUM je uzeo na duznost da pogosti i ubije decibelima sve prisutne. Slucajnost ili ne, cak tri strana benda na turneji su odlucila odsvirati za vas :

Shoyu Squad :
Ovi agresivni, ovisni o soja sosu nijemci krlje samo takav hardkor treš.

Alpinist :
Njihovi sunardnjaci, ali zvukom drugačiji. Neo krast sa mnogo skrimo i ostalih utjecaja.

Boredom :
Ravno iz Graza, na malom HR turu. Rokerski hardkor krast.

Upad : 25 kn . (nesto vise nego inace, ali mnogo ljudi, mnogo bendova, mnogo putnih troskova)
Start : 21 sat. Da svi stignu pogledati sve
Hrana: ono klasika. tko stigne ne gine mu prđenje nakon.

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Friday, September 3, 2010

Fast punk tornado @ Podrum, 9.9.

Ho ho, summer is dead, new season is about to start. We are back with a bang and nothin' can stop us. Yeah, sure... So for the fresh and fast new start we bring Pavilionul32, a romanian fast hc punk which played here few years back. Also during their EU tour. What can i say more : expect quality politically inspired punk, rooted in bloody reality of post transitional east countries.

Entrance : 20 kn
Dinner: will be served
Start: 21 h
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Nakon ljetnog odmora od nemogućih DIY aktivnosti, PODRUM ponovno otvara svoja mala pomalo zagušljiva vrata uz jedan od najagilnijih rumunjskih bendova koji zapravo neumorno odlazi na turneje i rastura sve pred sobom. Rijec je o Pavilionul32, brzoj hardkor pankčini ravno iz Temišvara. Dakako sve pocinje u 21, za najbrze ce biti i neke hrane, a upad klasicnih 20 kn.