Monday, December 21, 2009

End of year...

First as you can see everything went black on hallways around ˝ P.O.D.R.U.M. ˝ . After some work from our friendly janitor and the rich fucked architects all is covered in fancy paint, and still they promised some silver outlines. All in all i am kinda used to see all black right now :) Kinda apocalyptic don't you think :) So what are the highlights this year in Basement you wonder? I can't tell but i do know that Gride, Finisterre, Cyness for me were one of the best. Also our happy place gave birth to some new punk bands in Rijeka which is totally cool. We will see what happens with that in the next year. And after all this holiday mumbo jumbo some nice bands are already booked for upcoming winter and spring... So there my friends, fell free to write to us any place any time :)

p.s. punk rock saved our lives

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Construction works @ the basement

No, it's not a name of a new band, but - as you can see - this Wednesday morning I went to the basement to see what's happening. In case you don't know, a few days ago, our neighbors, the almighty architects from the top floor, started some construction works. They want to rearrange and paint the main hall in our building. You can see how it looks like on the photos above. In a few days all the work downstairs will be finished so for another show we might have a completely new room for the bands! Of course, it will still be a little DIY as fuck room for a small number of people. But we can handle it, righty right? After all, punk is dead, ha! Maybe some more photos will come after we clean everything up... Also, I'll give you a hint that there will be one more show before new year. So, check the web once in a while for announcements.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Noise in an empty room

There was Smetnja with his accordion & hammer theatrics, like a Siberian peasant with a penchant for jesting. There was Suburban Howl, like a folk singer whose notes had disappeared 'twixt middle-class family houses turning into wolves. There was Fukte with a steady priest-posture, summoning gritty sounds that grind on buried caskets. For the pack of eight or nine that attended, it was a fun and noisy show. For everyone else, you've always got your cookie cutter bullshit. Obviously, noise can also be produced in a standardized, classic manner, but it's the irrational disappointment caused by nonattendance that's talking + I'm sick of neocrust.