Sunday, October 19, 2014

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Selftitled zine #5 finally out!!!

Dear punx! After more than five years a new issue of selftitled zine is out! 32 A4 pages, DIY cut'n'paste oldschool style, in english! This time inside: columns, Bosonogo Djetinjstvo & The Truth interviews, two tour reports (Dishumanity & Leechfeast) and much love&hate. Zine will be officialy available on 6th of august in Zadar at the "intermezzo" show (Kapetanski park). Of course, you can contact me at this e-mail address: selftitled [a] to get a copy. It's on donation and trades are more than welcome. Spread the word and support the zines! DIY or die!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Fucking punx don't get it!

Dear friends, bands and those just passing by. 

After a lot of thinking and analyzing current situation in our so called DIY hc/punk "scene" we made the final decision. In the next months we will take a break from all our activities. It was an easy decision to make, but still, we are very disappointment with general reaction from all the people that are involved in alternative/DIY/punk community. After more than six years of constant organizing shows for touring bands it seems that there is still no larger interest in what we do. We are still suffering from a lack of attendance to our shows and it is time to slow down. Is it because of apathy in our fucked up society or kids really dont care about punk anymore? Well, you answer these questions...

Last saturday was a peak of our tolerance to all the shitty punx that don't have any respect to our small squatted venue. Your outbursts will not be tolerated and leave your personal frustrations at home. Wrongly directed violence and sexist behaviour is unacceptable to us. As a group of friends dedicated to DIY activities this situation is just way to much. We finally realized in how fucked up place we live and it is time to say - enough! This town doesn't deserve any kind of a venue for shows because its only about getting wasted and making trouble. At the moment, punk as we know it, is dead. There is no doubt about it. If only few of us have an energy to keep the "scene" alive then it's a huge problem that needs more time to resolve. In six active years there was not a single individual interested in our "project". Rijeka never had such a place with all autonomy you need and still not so many people were coming to support the whole thing. Without our friends from other urban areas we would probably be more frustrated then now. So, if you ever ask us why there are no more shows, then, suicidal tendencies is what your fucked up brain need.

Of course, this is not a final goodbye or anything like that. We still believe that we can create a place where people can come and share their emotions and ideas, where we can have fun and at the same time be part of the international DIY network. But now, we need to step back for couple months and have a proper rest from all the negative things that were developing in last couple of years. 

We are really sorry because of all the canceled shows for touring bands but there was no other choice. Please try to understand our situation!

Hopefully we will meet sometimes in the future and have a nice hang outs! 
For sure, some shows will be added and mostly for bands we know or bands that have become good friends. Some radical changes need to be done. So, expect all the news on our blog...

Now, go fuck yourself somewhere far away from here! DIY conspiracy will continue without us anyway.

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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Peoplefox (indie/rock) // The Truth (hc/punk) @ Podrum, 12.07. (subota)

Zadnji koncert prije ljetne pauze i početka sveopće riječke letargije. Kako "parti scena" raste tako alternativna događanja nestaju jer nema zainteresiranih ili nema dovoljne količine sredstava da se stvari pokažu održivima. Stoga za sam kraj pred ljeto, stari znanci koji su i otvorili PODRUM za 1. maj sad već dosta davne nam 2008. godine kada je "scena" izgledala i razmišljala drugačije. Što se promijenilo od tada? Više manje sve. S time da ljudi i dalje neumorno kritiziraju umjesto da stvarno nešto i naprave. U subotu 12. srpnja s početkom u 21 sat:

PEOPLE FOX je sasvim novi kraljevački indi/post/granđ bend koji s jednakim intenzitetom nastavlja alternativno američko naslijeđe bendova kao MUDHONEY, DINOSAUR JR. ili dakako HUSKER DU. Mlada ekipa as starim bubnjarem u višeslojnom aranžmanu urlika, snenih pjevanja i dakako energičnosti. 

S njima na turenji THE TRUTH. Konačno su krenuli svirati i neke nove stvari. Ovo je dakako i dalje totalno hardkor pank ludilo gdje se kratke pjesme ispresjecaju s stand up anarhizmom karizmatičnog gitariste koji je upravo postao partijski funkcioner. No, dosta o tome. Bend svira i razmišlja kao MINOR THREAT u najboljim danima. U srcu stepe kao građani sveta...

ULAZ: 25kn
START: 21h