četvrtak, 4. ožujka 2010.

Bolesno Grinje // Nulla Osta @ Podrum

On friday the 19. we will finally witness the most devastating grindcore to be seen :) I mean Bolesno Grinje will rip you to shreds, make your ears bleed, and maybe you will even swallow some mites during the show. Also Nulla Osta will be playing. If you still don't know about them, they do dual bass hardcore punk distort. So far they did 5 european tours, visited Brasil. Don't know what else to say beside they played every dump on this part of the world.

With these two we will conclude visitation from Pula bands.
The entrance will be usual : 20 KN
Start is : 21 h

There will be vegan food for a small donation. Dj Bru je Tru will play some nice disco trash folk punk tunes, and what else can i say beside come in peace, get positively drunk and this will be the day we never forget :) See ya in the pit.

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