nedjelja, 28. ožujka 2010.

31.03. (wednesday) - Melete // Diskoiraa // All Day Hell

As i was so occupied these days and didn't had a chance to write a critique for the last concert i promise i will make myself up in these next days, specially after such a nice show like Nulla Osta and Bolesno Grinje. There are also fresh videos waiting to be seen so be patient my friends and i promise you another whirlwind of silly punkyness.

So on bloody wednesday we have a special treat for you. Total count of three bands are gonna destroy whats worth the most :

Melete are from Slovenia. They played one show last year in PODRUM and it was quite intense experience. A well compact quartet which did numerous tours and right now they gonna hit the road again for the late spring. Expect neo crust or screamo influenced hc or what ever you like to call it. I can only say they destroy live.

All Day Hell are from Poland and they are here to deliver some powerfull hc crust which is maybe on one hand influenced by Portland scene and the whole sound developed after it and on the other, they have their own approach to whole thing and this should be interesting.

Diskoiraa is coming from a small Basque city called Zarautz. According to them they started with covers from Mob47 and Kaaos and after that started to play thier version of trash punk. I was in their sqaut this summer and it was fabalous.

All in all a diverse mixture of anarcho punk, and a healthy dose of d beat.

Start : 21 h
Entrance : 2o kn

+ some rice will be served for a donation... See ya in the pit.

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