Sunday, July 29, 2012

1. diy hcpunk intermezzo w/ DooMSisters, Whoresnation (Fr)

Zadarsko-riječka diy pank inicijativa vam predstavlja prvi, neregularni, usputni intermezzo između Monteparadisa i Martinske koji će se desit u noći s utorka na srijedu, 7. augusta s početkom u 21h.

U prolazu su:

Doomsisters su četveročlani bend koji nam dolazi s istoka Francuske, točnije s planinskog lanca Vosges. Stil buke koju stvaraju netko je opisao kao eyehatefastcore - znači brza, blastbeatom isprepletena pankčina koja se, dinamike radi, pretvara u zli, spori sludge koji vuče korijene iz louisianskih močvara (otud i Eyehategod analogija). Ne postoje dugo, ali već iza sebe imaju jedno izdanje, turneju i brdo gigova po cijeloj Francuskoj.

S njima na turneji su Whoresnation, grindcore peglaona iz Besançona. Prvi demo je izašao 2009. i od onda su odsvirali nekoliko europskih turneja, izdali dva splita, još dva EP-a, jedan LP, te sve zaokružili nastupima na festivalima kao što su Obscene Extreme i Play fast or don't, što ih čini jednim od najaktivnijih europskih grind bendova. Na ovoj turneji sa sobom nose split izdanje sa gorespomenutim Doomsisters. Ne propustiti!

+ možda još netko uleti.

Upad je 15 kuna, nema stejđa, kao ni distance između izvođača/spektatora. Diy punk brate/sestro!
Vidimo se!

If you radical punk's try to find something after MONTE PARADISO festival (PULA) and before MARTINSKA (ŠIBENIK) feel free to come and trash the almighty town of ZADAR with 2 really good and amazing grinding/violence/crust acts. Entrance is around 2 euros... Keep in mind...DIY conspiracy is spreading around...

Monday, July 9, 2012

Summer break and usual stuff...

First of all many thanx to everyone who did trash our little shithole, played whole lotta noise and did their best to perform with their hearts out. It's been so long since english was written down. Main reason was and still is quite simple: majority of people are from Rijeka and it is better to use our native language for the announcements. But, then again sorry for all you girls and boys who don't understand it...

2012. was quite a year so far. We really did a lot of french underground bands; i must refer on them by the country since it is so amazing how many DIY groups operate there: and we talk from grind to techno and evertything inbetween. There is no personal favourites. Each of the collective likes different type of music, everyone has it's THE best... I will say, i am glad we did everything.

The first big step was opening a new, improved and complettly squatted venue just close to our old place. With a nice small stage, and a functional bar. There will also be a small barbecue area if the pigeons stop deploying dump from thir arses... And klub PLACE was also a nice change every now and then.

All in all, RIJEKA still has a lack of  diy bands playing around but we must say, considering shows it is top notch. Also if you do write in these summer months, pay attention that we will not book anything, since it is summer and everyone is going somewhere. That's why we have a break untill september.

In the end all is well... Weather is face melting, and see you all in the pit...

Now i will continue with  my daily depression...


p.s. some cool videos will be posted soon