ponedjeljak, 23. studenoga 2009.

Small report and photos from the infected nest

As you already know, last friday we had a benefit show for the Infoshop Škatula. We would like to thank all the people who showed up and supported the future activities at Delta 5/I. A lot of people, friends and relatives joined the party. Some of the friends were missing as usual, but in general it was quite good. Well, for some people. I had to leave around midnight because of my sickness (yes, they say it's a swine flu, so maybe this is my last post... oh no, dear fucking god!).
Anyway, Infoshop collected enough money to cover all the bills from summer till the present days. Enjoy the photos (thanks goes to Jadranka and Romano!) and hopefully we see you on the next show. A new announcment will be posted in a few days. Take care...

Pictures in non-alphabetical order: Hands That Mold, Etnah & Anomalija.

4 komentara:

  1. "oh no my dear fucking god" jebate breg!

  2. alo, tisina tamo. vidimo se 4og i ponesite neke medenjake za svog sholeta. cmoxxx

  3. Hope someone notices this.

    Is there any chance that somehow you guys upload, or getthose who were in the band upload the demo of Hands That Mold? I've downloaded thatfromone of the members' blog, but it'sgone now. Thanks for the help!