Sunday, November 1, 2009

Some news and announcements

So it's almost 2:00 after midnight and I'm here in the Infoshop trying to refresh myself. Yesterday was a really crazy night. Our dear friend Cox (oh, you have to see him now, he's sleeping like a little baby) arrived on Friday morning and we had a plan to go to Zagreb together, because tomorrow (ok, tonight) there will be a concert in AKC Medika. Status//Hysterie (some of the members also play in a band called Finisterre - they were in our little shithole back in July) from Germany, True from Samobor and our dear friends Junk Messiah (some of the members were active in a well known R'n'R band, Vaseline Children) from Zagreb. Can't wait to see some old friends there. It will also be exciting to hitchhike again in the morning because last time I was on the road to Zagreb was sometimes in June. I can say that this 150km distance is not a problem for me anymore; for a really long period I traveled to Zagreb and back all the time so I'm always bored with the trip. Anyway, I hope that Sunday's metalpunk show will be a blast!

Next weekend we'll go to the 6th anti-fa festival in Pula. You can check the schedule and off program here:
We're there every year and this one will not be an exception. The Food Not Bombs collective from Rijeka will be in charge of cooking so I hope I'll eat some nice vegan food he, he...

After a 10 day break, we'll have another show (Attack of the Mad Axeman from Germany is playing) in our little basement. For more info just scroll down. We also have some plans to do one benefit show for Infoshop Škatula sometimes in November so you'll be informed about that too. Besides the concert, there will be some other activities as well.

That's it for now. Wish us luck in the morning while we're on the road (again and again!!!)


  1. a ono, samo da znate da sam vas fino izreklamirao na našem blogu pa ako sada najfiniji bendovi ne svrate onda nema pomoći:-))
    zhbla te voli...

  2. a ja ću reći da ti je mama bila great RnR band :)
    d Snejk