srijeda, 11. studenoga 2009.

Benefit for Infoshop Škatula

After a really great time at the Anti-Fa festival in Pula last weekend, we can announce one more concert for the 20th of November, Friday. As we mentioned before, there will be a benefit show for Infoshop Škatula. Anomalija (pissed off and fucked up metalgrindcrust) from Labin, Etnah (slow and raw sludge up your ass) and Hands That Mold (dual lo-fi-core powerviolent grindsludge massacre) - both from Rijeka - will play that night. The show will start at 10PM (seriously, 10PM!!!), so don't be late if you don't want to miss the bands. Before the concert, you're welcome to join us at the "Take It Or Leave It" action in the living room of the Infoshop, enjoy some film projections, and eat a lot of vegan food from 8PM until we finish with everything. ;)
More info here:

Take your friends, moms and dads and come to the venue...
And please, keep in mind that smoking inside the living room / concert place and fucked up behavior will not be tolerated! Thanks in advance...
Any donations are also welcome... so, see you on Friday the 20th!

P.S. - if it's your first time in Rijeka and you need a place to stay, let us know and we will arrange something.

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