četvrtak, 11. veljače 2010.

26. 02. Hijos Del Pueblo // Frekvencija

After really lovely concert on 30.1. we bring another explosive combination from the streets of Pula a city well known for being loud , proud and punk as fuck. According to everybody Homo Homini Lupus is still devastating discharged influneced grind machine and Houdini puted well show even though they had some troubles with line up on this tour. So for you this time we have :

- Hijos Del Pueblo : insane political crust grind with a lot of screaming

- Frekvencija : melodic but powerful hardcore punk

The entrance will be usual : 20KN
Start : 9pm and we do mean 21

Plus some extra good vegan beans for the best farting time ever. I mean you will get a shitload of shit for such a small price :) See you in the pit.

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