petak, 15. siječnja 2010.

Finally - a gig on the 30th of January (Saturday)!

Leki asked me to post the announcement for the very first 2010 gig, a potentially very awesome one, being all about grindcrust and post-punk. The last time I saw Homo Homini Lupus - ages ago, on the dead No Pasaran festival - they kicked ass. Other than that, I can't quite figure out why this blog is in English. But anyway, here's what Leki says:

Hi everyone... so here is the first announcement and first show for the new and already fucked up 2010.
Finally, the Homo Homini Lupus guys confirmed and they will play with Houdini, a post-punk band from Santiago, Chile. The show will start at around 9:30pm the latest so come a little bit earlier. Have in mind that in the future all the shows on working days will start right on time (with no exceptions!) so people can catch the last bus. So, please do not forget that!
During weekends, we can arrange something and shows can start a little bit later :-)

Also, some news for the near future. Unfortunately, our dear friends from Serbia, The Truth, canceled their little HR-SLO tour so they will not play on 22nd of february with local heroes Brivido. The show is postponed for early may and you will be first to know something about it.

So the last saturday of this month at the basement:



Start: 21h
Entrance: as usual, 20kn

P.S. - for those of you that will come around 8, there will be some nice vegan food for a small donation...
see you!

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