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Devastated & Never Built Ruins @ Klub Place, ponedjeljak, 17. 01.

Hello everyone :) It's truly been a while since any update or announcement. We hope that everything is fine, drunk and disorderly as always. Some crucial news are to be said right now. First of all, our small collective is no more part of Savez udruga Molekula , a place that holds Infoshop Skatula and where we did all the concerts so far. Some changes are about to happen. Another group of people will continue with Infoshop. I am not sure if the name will stay the same, but the good news is that anarchistic ideas and lectures continue in 2011. Second, concerts that we did in PODRUM are still going. In smaller measure than previous year, but still we are working to book some bands in beginning of year and later.

After all this, there are some new plans to redecorate another PODRUM, let's say working title for this one is: PODRUM 2 in new and improved manner :) I believe in this project and i hope that realization is going to happen soon.

OK, what else is important for you to know ?! Senata Fox and Leechfeast where amazing. One of the best shows, with so nice atmosphere on the gig and after, when everyone was having a blast in the living room. Punk rock marathon at it's best. When Ace of spades started everybody was in the air :)

And the final and most important thing, for the end is a new gig space in Rijeka. The place is called PLACE :) ,it is run by nice young enthusiasts and on 17.1. we are doing our first ever show there. Also a pin point for some other folks to enjoy the sounds of diy underground. For you this time we have 2 nice bands :

Never Built Ruins
are coming from Switzerland//Germany and deliver a solid combo of melodic d beat crust. So far they toured a lot. Even visited far away countries like Indonesia :) For this cause they are smashing with new songs from yet to be released LP.

With them we have our friends from MKNZ called Devastated. They trashed last year in the beginning of summer, also nice cool d beat. You know couple of youngsters into all sorts of crust :)

Entrance : 20 kn
Start: 22 PM (it will all end on time)

See you soon my friends, and see you in the pit...


U novoj godini nasa mala zajednica se polagano siri. Iz PODRUMA selimo u malo veci klub imena PLACE koji ce u skorijoj buducnosti postati prava mala koncertna meka :) To ne znaci da ce koncerti u nasoj staroj konobi prestati. Htjeli smo malo iskusati i neke druge mogucnosti. Jedna od njih se pokazala kao dobra kombinacija. Kada je na tom mjestu u sklopu bivseg kluba, bila odrađeno serija koncerata, sve se pokazalo kao dobra kombinacija, pa vođeni tim mislima za vas donosimo 2 benda d beat crust prizvuka:

Never Built Ruins su svicarsko-njemacki kolektiv sa mnogim turnejama iza sebe i to po nemogucim mjestima kakva je daleka Azija. Povodom izlaska novog LP.a trešaju po istoku Europe i mogu reći da je to jedno super gostovanje za sve one koji vole svoj pank pomalo melodiozan i energican sa te d beat strane.

Sa njima rokaju Devastated, iljirci susjedi iz dobro poznatog kluba MKNZ. Vec su razbijali prije ljeta ali dolaze spremni da unište još jednom. Prljavi crustcore kakav je nekad harao i žario. :)

Ulaz : 20 kn
Start : 22 h

Uskoro jos vijesti i raznih iznenadjenja od PODRUM-ovaca :)

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