četvrtak, 23. rujna 2010.

Rotten Brats @ PODRUM, 29.9.

If every concert was fun and good as last two we would probably be the most happy ones on this small fucked up place called earth. In the beginning i will write just few thoughts on the last show. Day started as usual, cooking, drinking, smoking...passing out gently (hehe you wish). Shoyu Squad was first that evening and it was much fun. They fit somewhere in between Bombenalarm and Burial. A little trouble with a bass amplifier but all in all a intense gig. Boredom was next. Last time i saw them, they rocked out but now they have turned into a real powerhouse. Rocking neocrust feed on His Hero Is Gone and Monster. Three manic vocals. Amazing. Did i mention : crowd went berserk. :) Alpinist were the last. I mean, for me they sounded ok, but all i all nothing special. Way overpriced if you ask me.

Now something completely different. On 29.9. we have new guests hailing from Czech Rep. called Rotten Brats. They play fierce hardcore trash mayhem and gonna rip out your shreds easily.

Entrance : 20 kn
Start: 22 h

Još malo češke bestijalnosti, samo tjedan dana nakon najopakijeg provoda usred tjedna. Ovoga puta krlju prže izrazito talentirani Rotten Brats iz Češke, zemlje općeprihvačenih prebrzih bendova.

Rotten Brats : www.myspace.com/rottenbrats
Upad: 20 Kn
Start : 22 h

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