nedjelja, 4. srpnja 2010.

A fast end...

After all these concerts, it is time to say hello to summer, to punk festivals and generally to relax. It's been really a while since i posted something. First of all, lazybones is middle name from me, and after all don't you all love when charlie aka Zmajeee makes fierce gig announces. After all, he is skilled little grind fella.

Since july is a month when majority of us must pass exams and become a part of society, we all gather around on that sunny and face melting friday the second in front of national theater, where no life dwells, and where sea gulls kill pigeons on regular basis. In line up of me, Crustafari, Manager, Depressive, Anna, and Mare which is a guest from cold darkness of Zagreb empire (also a member of Riot Squad Folka, like our dear Crustafari). We got some food from local shop, which we always support :) Also i went to get some cheap, but really good bread form close bakery. For the price of two euros i got, two bags of bread. Nice one if you ask me.

Day was passing bay. Depressive was making stew, Manager was relaxed in it's own way, Crustafari was making fat bastards, Anna chilling, Mare melting from the sun, and me being lame as usual. In some point almighty Summoggu showed up, sXe warrior too.They didn't get us ice cream as planned. But skip the shitty situations, band's have arrived.

Dinner was served around 20 for our czech comrades. There was nice vegan meal, two different kind's of salad, bread and beers. Gig was about to start around 22. First of all there was Lycantrophy, a fast and furious hc grind tornado coming to represent their first full length in years of thrashing around. Triple vocals, manic speed, 20 something songs, and Manager shouting : ˝ I hate bis ! ˝ Fucking nice. After that, Prumyslova Smrt was about to start. They have also ferocious speed but more on the thrash side of things. But one thing was ruining the set. Bass string broke up, so the bass player was quickly rearranging the chords, but after few more songs everything was done. Nice party atmosphere in the crowd which was full of new faces. Crustafari had some difficulties on the paying bills but Crust Messiah gave him strenght to do it.

After party continued in living room above. I was dead drunk, moshing to Municipal Waste and Toxic Holocaust with some czech bastards. They also had few bottles of hard rum, made of potatoes. We did some fast bastarda again and again, Charlie was rapping to folk tunes, and all other had toydolls deal with some green sun glasses coming all the way from penisola Istria. A hell of a night. Around 03 we all passed out, drunken and drugged from all the shit.

So as you can see, it was a fun gig. I really have so many great words to tell not just for this show but for the last few show which were all to great to forget. Also thanks to everyone who still support diy activities in PODRUM, others can piss of. Right, that's it. Until next concert, see you all in the pit. Now, i will return to my daily depression.

Some pics from the show : Lycantrophy and Prumyslova Smrt, 2.7. 2010.

Infoshop vegan stew: a classic
Lycanthropy 1.
Lycanthropy 2.
Lycanthropy 3.
Prumyslova Smrt 1.
Prumyslova Smrt 2.
Prumyslova Smrt 3.
P.S. Some videos will fallow...soon...

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