Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Synth-heavy madness up next Tuesday

Za Balkan:
Ludilo u utorak: tri benda, od kojih je dvoje s djevojkama za mikrofonima, dok je jedan u potpunosti bez vokala. zOSCH! je donekle oldskul electropunk bend oformljen na relaciji Köln / Recklinghausen. Fast Arbeit Babies je bučan Strasburški bend sa sintisajzerom, bez distorzije. Posljedni bend, Monnocle, misteriozan je i čisto instrumentalan trio iz Le Mansa ili Strasbourga (ne zna se). U suštini, totalna pankčina.

Za Evropu:
Apparently, next Tuesday will be a fairly mad one, at least musically, seeing as we have three bands, two of them female-fronted, one of them instrumental. zOSCH! is a poppy, kind of new-wavish (as in the opposite of modern, actually) electropunk band from Köln / Recklinghausen, with melodic synths and catchy choruses sang by two girls. Fast Arbeit Babies is a somewhat funky, noisy, yet distortion-free punk band from Strasbourg, with, again, a girl on the vocals. At times, they remind of Melt-Banana with synths, but vocals set aside, I guess they're more along the lines of The Locust, An Albatross, etc. The last band, Monnocle, is a fairly mysterious, purely instrumental guitarbassdrums trio from either Le Mans or Strasbourg (I think). They're fairly punk as fuck in their approach, and I'd rather give them some sort of noise rock-relevant prefix than one of those classic "post-" ones.

25.05. tuesday (utorak) @ podrum

- zOSCH! (D)
- Fast Arbeit Babies (F)
- Monnocle (F)

start: 21h
(koncert počinje točno na vrijeme, tri su benda i moramo završiti do zadnjeg busa!!!)

entrance/upad: 20kn

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