srijeda, 14. travnja 2010.

Aaaaarrrrrghhhhhhh....Upcoming shows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In a week from now we will continue with our DIY conspiracy at our shitty shithole!
Next thursday (22.04.) Koenigstein Youth and Strong as Ten from France will try to destroy the place up. For some of them this will be the first time in the Balkans, but some of you will remember a great show from the last august when thrashcore bastards Strong as Ten were here with Krapnek.

This time show starts at 10PM (but really 10PM!!!) so for those who have shitty jobs or some other duties you''ll come right on time;)

Nice vegan dinner will be served at 8PM as usual! come, you thrash, you go! Simple as that!

Just few days after "thrashy" show, next one will be on sunday (25th of this month!). For the third time our duo guests are La Casa Fantom from far north, Norway!!! Second band is Drip of Lies from Poland. Some of the members already played at the basement with The Fight and All Day Hell, so international conspiracy continues...

Gig will start one hour earlier (9pm sharp!!!) because it's sunday and people have work to do on the next day. Of course, for the fast ones, food will be served at 8PM, and yeah, small donations are very welcomed!

This time, entrance will be FREE!!!
See you downstairs;)

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